I could eat this every day!! Spiced it up with one tsp (one condiment) of tabasco chipotle hot sauce. “hearty choice” is definitely an accurate description. As suggested on many blogs, I let this soak for about three hours before I microwaved it.

I was slightly worried about all my water intake today– I’ve been slamming it back. 12:00pm and I have 75 oz down. Ziti left me with a salty mouth, so at least I’m good on some of the electrolytes…



The Cinnamon Brown Sugar Cereal Crunch kind of tasted like poison. Cloyingly sweet poison that I would eat again.

so, we’re doing this again?

I’ve started a new weight loss journey today. This one feels different that the ones in the past year… I really have high hopes… skeptical high hopes.

If you asked any one of my closest friends about my personality, I’d wager to bet that most would say “She’s inquisitive”… in efforts to soften what they really want to say, which is “Damn, that bitch questions everything and she is skeptical as fuck.”

I know myself pretty well. I am a skeptical optimist. I always BELIEVE and hope for the best… with a healthy dash of realism and doubt.

When a friend shared her and her husband’s success with Medifast/Take Shape for Life, I was suspicious, but I have had many conversations on nutrition weight loss with this friend. Eventually, after a couple of emails and phone calls, I decided to take the plunge. Today is my first day on the Medifast 5-1 program.

From 2011-2012, I lost approximately 60 lbs by crossfitting and the zoning Paleo foods. For a number of reasons (read: excuses) I gained 80lbs since 2013. Two herniated discs in my back, just plain old laziness and engorging, and the loss of a dear friend all spiraled me into excessive weight gain, putting me at 238.8 lbs today. At my leanest in 2012, I was 172. Now, I understand that 172 on a 5’5 frame sounds still large– but I was a size 8. I’m just a muscular person, and will never fit on the BMI scale when I’m lean. Because I won’t be crossfitting as intensely this time around, I’m not really sure what my goal weight is. I sense it will be around the 165 mark (because I will have less muscle) but I’m really going to try to go by the clothing size.

Ohhhh the clothing sizes. Man. My closet looks like the Fibonacci sequence, with all the sizes gradually escalating.  I just recently moved, and I moved the SAME box of size 8-12 clothes that don’t fit AGAIN. I knew it was time for a change– I’m not moving that box again. I’m going to wear it, damnit.

On the menu today:

  • Blueberry Oatmeal
  • Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Cereal Crunch
  • Honey Mustard Pretzel Sticks
  • Ziti Marinara
  • Lean/Green Meal: Ground Beef and Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower
  • Double Chocolate Shake

So far, I’ve had the Blueberry Oatmeal today. It wasn’t awful. I was surprised that it wasn’t overly sweet– I liked that. The texture was just slightly off– a little more glue-like than normal oatmeal. I didn’t hate it, but don’t really look forward to it again.

Speaking of sweet– at the beginning of me learning about the program, I was very concerned about artificial sweeteners. Yes, I am 70lbs overweight, but I am also not a dummy when it comes to the negative aspects of artificial additives and pre-packaged, processed food. Is it worth it to eat Medifast food for a couple of months, in order to lose a lot of weight and transition to a solid whole food diet?

We’ll see– that’s why I’m doing this blog. To capture in real time, what it’s like to be a healthy person stuck in a fat person’s body, trying a program that is proven to work…. but I’m still skeptical.

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